Hey, can I ask you a question? Sure. 

- Do I know you?

- I don’t think so.


yea u follow me on tumblr but will u follow me into war?

Sam in 8x01, We Need To Talk About Kevin

for multiplealienabductee

I love this cast
I love this cast

And what about before? What was he like?


have you ever shipped something so hard that you become irrationally happy and make a sound akin to steam escaping from a kettle every time they so much as stand next to each other


dear shameless, a list of things to love and embrace

  • queer women
  • poc
  • story lines the don’t revolve around white dudes or babies or romance
  • healing from trauma
  • queer women
  • the characters that already exist
  • mandy milkovich
  • queer women
  • let them heal from their trauma and shit please i’m begging
  • family togetherness starring the gallaghers minus frank
  • queer
  • women

with sighs of bitterness and some love,


Emmy Rossum for Cosmopolitan Magazine October 2014

Emmy Rossum for Cosmopolitan Magazine October 2014